Tom London

Tom London

Leonard Clapham (1889-1963) American Actor and Performer. Grizzled character actor of scores of Westerns. A native of Kentucky, he spent his early manhood as a salesman. He obtained work with the Selig film company in Chicago as a property man and came to California when that firm moved west. He began to get small parts in the Westerns Selig produced and both his expertise with horses and his rugged appearance soon led him to larger roles. In 1924, he adopted the stage name Tom London after years of performing under his real name. He played heavies and comical roles with equal skill and became, throughout the Thirties and Forties, a familiar face low-budget pictures. Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having appeared in more films than any other actor (into the thousands). He played the comic sidekick to Western star Sunset Carson in a number of B-Westerns and continued to play character roles until his death.

The Red RiderEdit

Western film series starring Tom London. It is not to be confused with the comic strip character "The Red Ryder".

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