Tex O'Reilly (1880-1946) American Actor and Writer. Tex O'Reilly was born in Denton, Texas. Tex O'Reilly was born in 1880 in Texas, USA as Edward O'Reilly. He was an actor and writer, known for "On the High Card" (1921), "Honeymoon Ranch" (1920) and "West of the Rio Grande" (1921). He died on December 8, 1946 in Sunmount, New York, USA.

Born Denton, TX in 1880 according to his own autobiography, "BORN TO RAISE HELL: THE LIFE STORY OF TEX O'REILLY, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE" 1936 Doubleday, Doran publishers. Often listed as author, newsman LOWELL THOMAS [to whom Tex is narrating in the format]. Final pp. 370-371 "EPILOGUE: Tex O'Reilly has told his story. Now, let me provide its final incident." Lowell Thomas concludes: "Shortly before this book was written {Born to Raise Hell}, I was talking to Tex, and he told me that he had had an offer to join with a revolution in Honduras. The insurgents down there needed an expert machine gunner."

Declining to go, Lowell Thomas questioned Tex for a reason to turn down another adventure befitting his title: "Soldier of Fortune."

"...Now this [Honduras] is different. Before I could always make myself believe I was fighting for A CAUSE." "Maybe I'm not as young as I used to be, maybe it's because I've been to Honduras. I've fought in Honduras. And I can't figure out any cause down there for me to fight FOR."

Thomas concludes in the epilogue: I suppose it all means that Tex O'Reilly has retired from the wars, when he has become so ethical about fighting - for a cause. PS: As I write this the news headlines are flashing the word that the revolution in Honduras has broken out."

Last line printed in this first edition of an exciting yarn, mostly true! His kin live presently in Santa Barbara area.

He also made his debut in PHOTOPLAY and other silent movie mags of the day as "our young writer from Texas." He is listed as their newest correspondent and his story for MOTION PICTURE MAGAZINE seems borderline fiction!

Alternate Names: Edward O'Reilly

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