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Rex Lease

Rex Lloyd Lease (1903–1966) American Actor, Writer and Performer. Born in 1903, strapping cowboy actor Rex Lease was initially interested in the ministry when he decided to devote his life instead to acting. In what would be a rollercoaster ride of a career, he set his sights on Hollywood in 1922 and broke into silent films as an extra and bit player. Within a few years the exceedingly handsome actor had made it into the co-star ranks of romantic drama, jazz-age comedy and rugged action. He made an easy transition into talking films and by the mid-'30s had become a minor league hero of dusty oaters and cliffhangers. His hero status fell aside rather quickly, however, and he soon found himself shuffled further back into the billing line, alternately playing the partner or nemesis of up-and-coming western stars Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and others. By the last two decades Rex was lucky to get any kind of billing at all. He had a durable career overall, nevertheless, appearing in well over 300 films. After a move into TV, he retired.         

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