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J. P. McGowan

John Paterson McGowan (1880-1952) Australian Actor, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, Technical Director and Director. McGowan fought in the Boer War in South Africa in the early 1900s in the Australian contingent of a British army unit called Montmorency's Scouts. He was a dispatch rider, and on one mission the horse he was riding tumbled over a precipice. The horse was killed and McGowan was severely injured. He wasn't found until some time after the incident, and was hospitalized for more than a year before he recovered from his injuries. After retiring from acting, he worked as Executive Secretary for the Screen Directors Guild--later the Directors Guild of America--a position he held from 1938 until he retired in 1951, a year before his death. Co-founded, with wife Helen Holmes, production company Signal Films.

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