Billy Scott

Billy Scott

 William Scott (1896–1967) American Actor.


1934 Name the Woman

Photographer (as Billy Scott) 

1934 Whom the Gods Destroy

Man in Dress Clothes (uncredited) 

1934 Hell Bent for Love

Ed (uncredited) 

1934 Voice in the Night

Intern (uncredited) 

1932 Come on Danger!

Jim Madden 

1932 The Last Mile

Peddie... Guard 

1932 Strangers of the Evening

2nd Passerby 

1932 Hotel Continental


1931 Caught Plastered

Clarke (uncredited) 

1931 Too Many Cooks Undetermined Role (uncredited)

1929 The Girl Who Wouldn't Wait

Sam Harper 

1929 Daughters of Desire

1929 Smoke Bellew Stine

1928 Freckles

Wessner (as Billy Scott) 

1927 Little Mickey Grogan

Al Nevers 

1927 Aflame in the Sky

Saunders (as Billy Scott) 

1927 By Whose Hand?

'Society Charlie' 

1927 City of Shadows (as Bill Scott)

1926 The Wolf (Short)

Bob Tyrrell 

1926 The Earth Woman Mark McWade

1925 The Great Jewel Robbery

1925 The Light of Western Stars Al Hammond

1925 After Business Hours

James Hendricks 

1925 Beyond the Border Bob Moore

1924 The Man Who Played Square


1924 Dante's Inferno

Ernest Judd 

1924 Against All Odds

Bill Warner 

1924 Not a Drum Was Heard

Bud Loupel 

1923 Innocence

Publicity Agent 

1923 Yesterday's Wife

Jeo Coombs 

1923 His Last Race


1923 The Fourth Musketeer

Joe Tracy 

1922 Only a Shop Girl

Danny Mulvey 

1922 Deserted at the Altar

Bob Crandall (the city chap) 

1922 Alias Julius Caesar


1922 Winning with Wits


1921 Jackie

Mervyn Carter 

1921 Hickville to Broadway

Virgil Cole 

1921 Maid of the West

Bert Cragnair 

1921 A Voice in the Dark

Chester Thomas 

1921 While the Devil Laughs

Billy Anderson 

1921 Partners of Fate John Fraser

1920 Rose of Nome

Anatole Norss 

1920 A Sister to Salome

Paul Kingston 

1920 White Lies

Lieutenant Camille Du Jordin 

1920 The Mother of His Children

Richard Arnold 

1920 The Devil's Riddle

Dr. Jim Barnes 

1920 Who's Your Servant?

Lt. Clifford Bruce 

1920 Flames of the Flesh

Bruce Eastcoat 

1919 Thieves

Jimmy Britton 

1919 The Price Woman Pays

Undetermined Role 

1919 The Broken Commandments

'Sporting Chance' Austin 

1919 Chasing Rainbows


1919 The Sneak

Wester Charen 

1919 The Divorce Trap

Frederick Lawson 

1919 Pitfalls of a Big City

Jerry Sullivan 

1919 The Forbidden Room

Anthony Curtis 

1919 The Call of the Soul

Dr. Clayton 

1918 The Strange Woman

John Hemingway 

1918 Kultur

René de Bornay 

1918 Riders of the Purple Sage Venters

1918 The Still Alarm

Undetermined Role 

1918 The Scarlet Road

Dick Halloway 

1918 True Blue

Stanley Brockhurst 

1918 Her One Mistake

Chicago Charlie 

1918 The Devil's Wheel

The 'Stag' 

1918 Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley Terry McGowen

1918 The City of Purple Dreams

Artie Sparkle 

1917 Bill and the Bearded Lady (Short)

1917 Rescuing Uncle (Short)

1917 Romance and Roses (Short)

1917 Everybody Was Satisfied (Short)

1917 Mr. Bingo, the Bachelor (Short)

1917 Over the Garden Wall (Short)


1916 Out of the Mist (Short)

Harry Grandin 

1916 The Hare and the Tortoise (Short)

Guy Benedict 

1916 The Test of Chivalry (Short) Jim Wilson

1916 At Piney Ridge

Rube Hollar 

1916 A Man of Sorrow

1916 Why Love Is Blind (Short)

John Stone 

1915 The Run on Percy (Short)

Percy Pinkham 

1915 A Thing or Two in Movies (Short)

Percy Pinkham 

1915 Locked In (Short)

1915 The Print of the Nails (Short)

Will Macy 

1915 The Come Back of Percy (Short)

Percy Pinkham 

1915 Mutiny in the Jungle (Short)

Captain Powers 

1915 In the Amazon Jungle (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1915 At the Mask Ball (Short)

1915 The Idol of Fate (Short)

1915 The Kidnapped Lover (Short)

Jack Harris 

1915 She Wanted to Be a Widow (Short)


1915 The Strenuous Life (Short)

Manly Fellows 

1914 Which Ham Is Schnappsmeir's? (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 Cupid Turns the Tables (Short)

1914 The Tonsorial Leopard Tamer (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 The Mysterious Beauty (Short)

Harold Heath 

1914 Jimmie the Porter (Short)

Griswold (as Billy Scott) 

1914 An Embarrassing Predicament (Short)

Billy Quill - the Bashful Bookkeeper (as Billy Scott) 

1914 A Low Financier (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 Carmelita's Revenge (Short)

Manuel (as Billy Scott) 

1914 Muff (Short)

Muff (as Billy Scott) 

1914 The Right to Happiness (Short)

Dan Weaver (as Billy Scott) 

1914 The Taint of Madness (Short)

Richard Davidge (as Billy Scott) 

1914 Two Girls (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 Red Head and Ma's Suitors (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 Red Head Introduces Herself (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 The Story of Diana (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 The Story of Cupid (Short) (as Billy Scott)

1914 The Story of Venus (Short)


1913 Movin' Pitchers (Short)

The Camera Man (prologue) (as Billy Scott) 

1913 Destiny of the Sea (Short)

Kenneth Greves - the Husband 

1913 A Wild Ride (Short)

Willie (as Willie Scott) 

1913 Alone in the Jungle (Short)

Billy Brown (as Billy Scott) 

1913 A Flag of Two Wars (Short)

1913 A Prisoner of Cabanas (Short)

Lt. Lopez 

1913 A Little Hero (Short)

Bill Ewart - a Cowboy 

1912 A Sad Devil (Short)

Dick - 2nd College Boy (as Billy Scott) 

1912 A Sister's Devotion (Short)

Paul Trainor - the Brother


Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)

Brother of actress Mabel Julienne Scott.

Alternate Names: Billy Scott | Bill Scott | Willie Scott

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