Jack Hoxie and Ann Little Lightning Bryce

Jack Hoxie and Ann Little, 1919

Mary Brooks (1891-1984) American Actress. Unlike many serial heroines, Ann Little actually was a daughter of the West. Born in a small town near the foot of northern California's Mt. Shasta, she was raised on a ranch in the shadow of the great mountain. After graduating high school, she joined a traveling stock company, winding up in a play in San Francisco. She entered the film business making one-reel westerns with Broncho Billy Anderson, and soon relocated to Southern California, where she made a variety of films for many different companies. Since she was proficient at such outdoors activities as riding, shooting and swimming, she began to get more work in wsterns, especially as Indian maidens, which pleased her no end as she had engaged in a lifelong study of Indian culture (her faithful portrayal of a young Indian girl in The Squaw Man (1918) won her the respect and friendship of the Indian extras in that film). She began making serials during her tenure at Universal, where she would make the first (in 1915) of six. By 1917, however, she had tired of westerns, and relocated to New York City to try her hand at straight drama. However, she find herself back in the serial field, although this time even more successfully, and returned to Calilfornia. Her career was going great guns when, in 1925, she gave it all up and left the industry. Nobody knew why and she apparently never told anybody she was planning to do it; she just upped and did it. There were rumors that she found religion (Christian Science) and left to devote herself to religious work, but, although she still lived in the Los Angeles area, she refused to speak of her years in Hollywood and never gave a reasn for leaving. She died in 1984.

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